Join us for our T1/T2 workshop on #braincancer on 4 June. Listen to talks such as Novel MRI and PET Imaging biomarkers to advance Glioblastoma outcomes; The promise of 3D culture to aid personalised medicine and drug discovery in glioblastoma...and more https://www.concert.org.au/event/t1-t2-workshop-2/

Only one more sleep until tomorrow's roundtable. https://www.concert.org.au/event/roundtable-lung-cancer-screening-and-treatment-new-challenges-in-2021-and-best-practice-models-of-care/

Join us at 8am this Wednesday 12th May for our roundtable: Lung cancer screening and treatment: new challenges in 2021 and best practice models of care Presented by @shalinivinod13 and Dr Emily Stone. We look forward to seeing you there. https://www.concert.org.au/event/roundtable-lung-cancer-screening-and-treatment-new-challenges-in-2021-and-best-practice-models-of-care/

We bid adieu to Professor Michael Barton @bogmund this week as he retires for a life of infinite birdwatching opportunities. https://www.concert.org.au/concert-director-michael-barton-retires/

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