The Targeted Cancer Therapeutics Team at the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute (IHMRI) aren’t a big team. But the cancers they’re tackling, are. Cancers such as pancreatic cancer and triple negative breast cancer are just two of the cancers currently being investigated via the development and testing of innovative technologies which, they hope, will improve patient survival rates.

Join us for the last SWS Postgraduate Seminar of the year on December 11th at 4pm in the Ingham Institute Boardroom with presentations by Nidhi Sarawat (oral cancer), Sathira Perera (cancer surgery) and Cynthuja Thilakanathan (hep B) #swsydunsw #unswmedicine #inghaminstitute

The Cancer Australia Statement – influencing best practice in metastatic breast cancer identifies 10 key appropriate and inappropriate #MetastaticBreastCancer practices for best practice #BreastCancer care. Learn more at https://thestatement.canceraustralia.gov.au/metastatic

Fitness consultations in oncology care motivate child cancer survivors to be more active | UNSW Newsroom http://bit.ly/2OOcZpk

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