Community Panel Meeting 2: An Invaluable Collaboration

Members of CONCERT’s Community Cancer Panel and cancer researchers came together on Friday 12th July for an afternoon of learning, sharing of ideas, and of course, some socialising.

Members listened to five speakers who presented on a variety of new cancer research projects including two projects which focused on assisting cancer patients from CALD backgrounds, research into personalising chemotherapy for colorectal cancer patients and the development of a new app called Informsure. The app, Dr Nicole Caixeiro explains, will give researchers an online tool to provide patients with the necessary information to give real informed consent.

Ending the afternoon’s presentations was a fascinating talk by Associate Professor Albert Mellick on how his research discoveries in breast cancer are being applied to detecting malignant carcinomas in a rare skin disease known as Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB).

Community Cancer Panel members were not shy to ask questions and to present their own ideas during question time. Most notable is the commitment of the panel members to join additional community groups to assist the researchers who presented that afternoon.

The afternoon ended with a light dinner during which time panel members chatted with researchers   reaffirming that this collaborative approach between researchers and the community is indeed an invaluable one.

By Linda Music