CONCERT Grant Awards Recipients Announced

The CONCERT Grant Awards recipients have been announced with seven grants awarded for 2019-2020. These inaugural grants have been made possible by the hard work of the CONCERT Council.

Dr Stephanie Lim received the Early Career Researcher Grant for her project which aims to profile the mutations in bowel cancer samples and their correlation with treatment response and survival outcomes.

Also receiving an early Career Researcher Grant is A/Prof Weng Ng. His research into bowel cancer aims to understand whether immune and inflammatory cells identified in, and around the time of the cancer removal, can predict which patients might benefit from oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy.

Professor Minoti Apte, recipient of the CONCERT Seed Grant, received the award for her novel research into pancreatic cancer. It is envisaged the project will enable identification of biomarkers for patients at risk of developing pancreatic cancer as well as new therapeutic targets to prevent progression to, and of, overt pancreatic cancer . 

Dr Tamiem Adam, also a recipient of the CONCERT Seed Grant, will research new and less-invasive ways to test patients for their suitability to undergo immunotherapy for cancer treatment. The study will focus on patients starting immunotherapy for lung, bladder and kidney cancers and investigate important changes in tumour tissue, blood, stool and urine during cancer treatment.  

Recipient of CONCERT’s Seed Translational Grant, Professor Afaf Girgis will continue her research with the eHealth system Patient Reported Outcome Measures for Personalised Treatment and Care (PROMPT-Care), which just completed its controlled trial and will now be implemented into routine care. This implementation study aims to enhance the quality, speed and impact of translating the PROMPT-Care research into practice.

A/Professor Therese Becker received the CONCERT Infrastructure Grant. The grant has resulted in the purchase of a Next Generation Sequencing Instrument which will enable Therese, her team and other CONCERT groups to look closely at specific cancer genes to provide important information about the best treatment options for cancer patients.

CONCERT’s Bridging Grant was awarded to Dr Tara Roberts whose research seeks to discover the characteristics of individual patient tumours with the aim of assisting in the selection of the most appropriate drug treatment.

Congratulations to all the grant recipients. We look forward to reading the results of the research next year.

Keep an eye out for profiles of our researchers and their work coming soon…

By Linda Music