Dr Adeola Bamgboje-Ayodele: I am and I will (World Cancer Day)

1.     Who are you and what do you do?

I am Dr Adeola Bamgboje-Ayodele, a postdoctoral research fellow in health informatics within the Psycho-Oncology Research Group at the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research and a conjoint lecturer at South Western Sydney Clinical School, UNSW Sydney. My research focuses on improving online access to care for all people affected by cancer, including cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, partners, and families.

2.     What is your motivation (why do you do what you do)?

With the varied affordances of digital health tools and the increasing number of internet users, there are significant opportunities to improve online access to cancer care regardless of geographical location. Therefore, I am driven by my commitment to improve online access to various cancer services by getting these services into people’s homes through their digital devices.

3. What will you do this World Cancer Day? I am and I will…….

I am a health informatics researcher, and I will use technology to improve cancer care.