Meet CONCERT’s Program Manager: Stephanie Macmillan

What do Scotland, geography teaching and CONCERT have in common?

The answer: Stephanie Macmillan, CONCERT’S Program Manager.

Hailing from the remote Scottish Highlands, Stephanie commenced her career as a geography teacher. However, when she arrived in Sydney in 2010, Stephanie decided she wanted to start a new career and moved into a grant administration role at UNSW. The career moved proved to be the right one because when the eight-week temporary position was over, she was asked to stay on. Weeks turned into months and then years. In that time, Stephanie gained valuable skills and experience in the medical and university research setting. With this experience, Stephanie moved to the Cancer Institute in 2013 where she managed the grants team and oversaw multiple components of their grants program.

Two-and-a-half-years later, Stephanie was back at UNSW, this time as Program Manager of the Translational Cancer Research Network (TCRN) where her responsibilities include overall operations of the Centre. She continues to work at TCRN but has now added CONCERT Program Manager to her title.

Stephanie is excited about her work across the two cancer organisations citing an obvious synergy between the two.

“There is a strong alliance between the two organisations and a real effort to encourage more collaboration,” she says.

With Stephanie working across both organisations it seems like the perfect way for this collaboration to occur.

Whilst Stephanie is quick to point out that she loved teaching in her former life, she is now totally immersed in her roles across these two cancer research organisations.

“I’m extremely proud of the work I’ve done. In my roles, I feel like I’m making a difference and contributing to the bigger effort,” says Stephanie.

By Linda Music

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