Membership opportunities

To become a member of CONCERT, an individual must:

  1. Be employed/enrolled at one of CONCERT’s participating institutions or be predominately self-employed with formal affiliation with a CONCERT participating institution and;
  2. Work/study in Cancer research or in the delivery of Cancer Services or have responsibility for the care of patients with Cancer and;
  3. Commit to making an active contribution to the goals and objectives of CONCERT and fulfilling your membership obligations;
  4. Be confirmed to fulfil points 1 and 2 above by a member of the CONCERT Council.
  1. Update your CONCERT member profile regularly on the South West Sydney Research Hub CRM. We will periodically send you a reminder to browse your CONCERT online profile and make sure your details are current.
  2. Share information and collaborate with our CONCERT members by contributing to and participating in member events and activities.
  3. Become involved in specific CONCERT led and/or supported research projects.
  4. Contribute to CONCERT program monitoring and reporting. From time to time we will ask CONCERT members to provide us with information required for monitoring and reporting of our program. While we always try to minimise disruption or duplication, we appreciate our members responding promptly to any requests we may send.

Individuals wishing to join CONCERT should:

  1. First approach the relevant CONCERT Council member to request their endorsement for your membership.
  2. Complete the Membership Application below and press submit.
  3. You will be notified of your membership approval within 1 week of submission.

Become a Member

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Last Name:
Relationship to Research:
Broad Research Interest:
Job Title:
Business Phone:
Work Location:
Primary Employer:
Primary University Affiliation:
Confirmed by CONCERT Council Member:

Membership is free and is available for those employed/enrolled at one of our participating institutions and based at SWSLHD, ISLHD or ACT.