New Lung Cancer Research Grant

Ingham Institute invites applications to the following lung cancer research to improve Lung Cancer patient outcomes in one or more of the following areas:

  • Cellular research
  • Treatment and/or care coordination
  • Mental health

Amount to be awarded $20,000


  1. Grant open to all Ingham Institute staff or affiliated researchers (CONCERT/SPHERE)
  2. The work must be performed at the Ingham Institute
  3. Chief Investigator is an early to mid-career researcher
  4. Funding will be credited to a cost centre within the Ingham Institute accounting system
  5. A report on grant outcomes is required within 18 months.


Applications should be written in simple English language, limited to four A4 pages and include:

  1. Title of the project
  2. Investigators
  3. Description of the aims, proposed outcomes and methods
  4. Description of how the research will contribute to improving outcomes for lung cancer patients
  5. Project timeframe
  6. Indicative budget
  7. Brief CV of Chief Investigator highlighting skills and achievements relevant to project

Applications close by COB 19 October 2020 

To find out more or to submit your application, contact: reception@inghaminstitute.org.au