Tamiem Adam: I am and I will (World Cancer Day)

Who you are and what you do?

I am Dr Tamiem Adam, a specialist medical oncologist (MBChB, FRACP), PhD candidate and conjoint associated lecturer at the University of Western Sydney. My area of interest is the management of patients with advanced cancers, in particular lung cancer and patients receiving immunotherapy.

My PhD research is looking at novel biomarkers with the goal of personalising treatment and improving outcomes with immunotherapy. 

What is your motivation (why do you do what you do)?

Being diagnosed with cancer is usually one of the most difficult adversities a person and their families can go through. As a medical oncologist I want to help patients and their families through this difficult time by being empathetic, resourceful and through my knowledge and education provide evidence based care.

As a researcher, I want to improve our knowledge and understanding of immunotherapies and how to best use them in our patients. 

What will you do this World Cancer Day? 

I will continue to be an advocate for my patients and continue the fight against cancer through cutting-edge research and evidence based practice.