The future of genomics in oncology: a recap of a great workshop

It could have been a disaster. With clear blue skies outside and gentle waves lapping against the shoreline, the visually stunning backdrop to CONCERT’s workshop, could have seen participants scrambling to get outside.

Luckily disaster was averted. The high quality of presenters at CONCERT’s “The future of genomics in oncology” workshop held at Wollongong’s City Beach Function Centre on 28th February, managed to capture and engage the participants so that no-one left their seats for a quick dip in the sea.

The first half of the workshop saw a series of presentations focusing on clinical context, research, infrastructure in NSW, as well as a presentation on NSW Health Pathology’s strategic direction.

This was followed by a panel discussion led by Professor Bruce Ashford. Panel members Lorraine Chantrill, Wei Chua, Kevin Spring and Subo Thavaneswaran which generated lively discussion as they raised questions about what is holding back clinical uptake and what resources are needed to achieve precision medicine in oncology, as well as what the CONCERT network has to offer.  

“CONCERT aims to provide our members with opportunities to learn about the latest research and development in the cancer genomics field and how this is being incorporated into clinical practice. This workshop highlighted the excellent work being done in this area and feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive,” said CONCERT Deputy Director, Marie Ranson.

CONCERT thanks the organising committee (Professor Marie Ranson, Stephanie Macmillian, Tara Roberts, Therese Becker and Wei Chua) for organising a great day.

By Linda Music

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