Yafeng Ma: I am and I will (World Cancer Day)

1.     Who are you and what do you do?

I am Dr Yafeng Ma and I work in Medical Oncology Research Group under supervision of A Prof. Therese Becker at Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research. I am a cancer researcher and conjoint senior lecturer (UNSW and UWS). My research focuses on understanding how liquid biopsy can benefit cancer patient’s targeted therapy, diagnosis and prognosis and monitor treatment resistance. I also mentor junior staff and students, to support their journey to becoming the world-leading scientists of the future.

2.     What is your motivation (why do you do what you do)?

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and fighting against cancer starts with awareness and knowledge. I am inspired by all the efforts done by cancer survivors and caregivers, scientists and clinicians, and the actions from everyone in our community and broader society. Together, we will make a difference- a healthier world!

3.     What will you do this World Cancer Day?

I am a cancer research scientist and I, together with cancer researchers worldwide, will try all our best to improve how cancer survivors cope with cancer to bring a healthier, brighter world.