Zhihong Xu: I am and I will (World Cancer Day)

1.     Who are you and what do you do?

I am Dr. Zhihong Xu, a postdoc at Pancreatic Research Group, South Western Sydney Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney and Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research.

My research interest focuses on pancreatic cancer, chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic stellate cells. Apart from cancer cells, non-malignant stromal cells (pancreatic stellate cells) also play an important role in cancer cell survival and metastasis.

I investigate the link between cancer cells and stromal cells to search for alternative target of cancer therapy.

2.     What is your motivation (why do you do what you do)?

Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive disease that is associated with early metastasis. The five-year survival rate is 9%. The dismal prognosis of pancreatic cancer hasn’t changed for several decades. This is the reason of my commitment to change it, to improve the quality of life and to increase the survival rate of these patients.

3.     What will you do this World Cancer Day? I am and I will…….

I am a researcher working on pancreatic cancer and I will improve the quality of life and the prognosis of pancreatic cancer patients.